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“Brimo” Work in Progress

This is a work in progress, still needing some finishing touches.  Brimo is a goddess of transformation, even healing, eating and purging what needs to go.  She can also be used for works of justice.  This depiction is after Jason Miller’s Hekate arcana, revealed to him directly from the Goddess Hekate.  Here Brimo is considered as a facet of Hekate.





















“Truth” and “Truth Shattered” in Burning Man Installation “Veritas”

Here’s a temple we constructed for Burning Man, the year of the theme “Cargo Cult.”  The two paintings are “Truth” (Woman peering at the mirror, after George William Joy’s painting done in 1892-93), and “Truth Shattered” (male figure with spear to mirror).

The temple was a comment on the symbols of the ages, and What is Truth really?  Are any of these symbols a path to Truth? Or can any symbol encapsulate Truth?  In fitting with the theme “Cargo Cult,” what do we worship, and why is it that our first instinct is that we know Truth within Self, yet at some  point, life seems to shatter our illusions of Self, and thereby Truth?  What is your Cargo Cult?




















The Platonic Solids

The Platonic Solids

katcaric_icosahedron_ofwater katcaric_dodecahedron_allseeing


Oil on canvas paintings of the Platonic Solids, each painting 60″ / 150 cm square.


The Platonic Solids include the icosahedron (top left), the dodecahedron(top right), the tetrahedron (above center), the octahedron (below center), and the cube (photo forthcoming, featuring planet earth on one panel and a tree of life on a second side).  They are beautiful shapes, are considered a symbolic fundamental shape, and they are associated with the mystical or symbolic elements, each tied to a different element, sort of like an ancient divine programming language.  Shuffle the elements around and use them with various ritual, and the idea is that you can move worlds.  Meditate on the shapes and call in the qualities associated with them.  For example, icosahedron is associated with water, with flow, with cleansing, and therefore also with blood, the water of our body.  Try a bit of Platonic Solid elemental ritual on for size.   Perhaps these paintings can help.